Values and Mission Statement

100_0208The Cazenovia Police Department values:

Human Life and Dignity – we value and respect human life and the dignity of all people and will take whatever action necessary to ensure their protection and preservation.

The Constitution – we value and are committed to upholding and defending the rights guaranteed to individuals by the constitutions of the United States of America and the State of New York.

Our Community – we value the partnership formed between the Cazenovia Police Department and the community that we serve and are committed to the enhancement of the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Character – as representatives of the Cazenovia Police Department, we recognize that we are perceived to be in a position of authority, and that such position is dependent upon public trust. We pledge to honesty, integrity and truthfulness in both personal and professional life.

The mission of the Cazenovia Police Department is to provide superior police services that exceed the expectations of the citizens our community.

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