Goals of the Cazenovia Police Department

100_0208The following are the general goals of the Cazenovia Police Department Prevention of Crime. Crime is a problem that affects all segments of our society, and is a concern of everyone. The department shall endeavor to involve the community in generating mutual understanding regarding the nature and extent of the crime problem and to involve the community in crime prevention efforts necessary to reduce crime.

Deterrence of Crime – Although there are certain crimes that cannot be prevented, crimes committed against innocent victims in public places and crimes against property can be deterred by proactive police patrol and involved citizenry. These types of crimes are deterred by the criminal’s fear of immediate apprehension or by the increased likelihood of his detection. The deterrence of crime requires the investigation of behavior which appears to be criminally directed. The department shall strive to deploy its patrol forces so as to deter crime and inspire public confidence in it’s ability to ensure a peaceful environment.

Apprehension of Offenders – Once a crime has been committed, it is the duty of the department to initiate the criminal justice process by identifying and apprehending the offender, obtaining necessary evidence and by assisting in the prosecution of the case. The department must strive diligently to solve all crimes and to bring offenders to justice. The certainty of swift and sure punishment serves as an effective deterrent of crime.

Recovery and Return of Property – While the actual cost of crime is difficult to measure, it is possible to observe the steadily mounting cost of lost and stolen property. This loss, as well as the other costs must be borne ultimately by victims. In order to minimize the losses due to crime, the department shall make every reasonable effort to recover lost or stolen property, to identify its owners, and to ensure its prompt return.

Public Service – Because other public or private agencies may be unavailable, the public relies upon the police for assistance and advice in both routine and emergency situations which develop. Saving lives, aiding the injured, locating lost persons, keeping the peace and providing for many other miscellaneous needs are basic services provided by the department. It is the department’s responsibility to respond to all calls for service and to render such aid or advice, as is necessitated or indicated by the situation.

Victim/Witness Assistance – It is essential to our law enforcement efforts that we protect the rights of victims and witnesses. Therefore, the department shall strive to avoid the traumatization of victim/witnesses by assisting them through an awareness of the psychological trauma associated with their circumstances and providing them with the necessary information regarding resources that are available to them.

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